A funny tale of how I almost didn't work with Terrence Malick

The brief posting of the Tree of Life storyboard generated a lot of interest in my work with Mr. Malick. I was asked to provide some memories of working on The Thin Red Line for an upcoming book on Terrence Malick.

Here is a link to the story on the wonderful website. Enjoy




The Tree of Life storyboards

The Tree of Life is a beautiful tone poem, winning Best Picture from many organisations and reviewers. I had some storyboards posted but just got a call from an important friend on the film to please remove them. Cheers 


New Website

I have finally decided to build and manage my own website of my work. I will start simple and build. Stay tuned for updates.


Newest short film - SUNDAY


Writer, Producer, Director Mark Bristol's submission to the Philips Cinema TV's Tell it Your Way short film competition. 

The idea hit me when the light of the sun reflected off a car's mirror.

I could not be more proud of the cast and crew for this film. The first time crew built the set in my garage in the 110 degree Texas heat. Then, the following weekend, we shut the door and filmed in even greater heat for eight amazing hours. Amber Smith, you are amazing. Thank you. Many thanks to the crew and their families.

In the post production I must thank Eric Webb and Zachary Quarles for the time spent on the color grading, and sound design. I must also send a special thanks to composer Ben Lukas Boysen. His work as Hecq is a major inspiration for me and I could not be more honored to have his music for this film.

Here is the face book page with the behind the scenes photos, storyboards etc.

All the entries must contain the same six mandatory lines of dialogue:

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